Thursday, August 11, 2005

Been thinking

Traffic really shoots up when you get a rec from Dr. Pauly. Best part is that I met Pauly in June and was told to hit up the Imperial Palace room. He said it was soft. He wasn't kidding. He had also given me a vote of confidence in the WPBT at the final table. For those who read him, he is a good guy. Buy him a Red Stripe when you see him.

If I could somehow rig the internet to give free beer, I would. Wouldn't that be a feat? Open your CD-ROM and pop a glass in. Free beer. Ah, if only.

But "D" got me to thinking with what he had to say. I may be holding myself down at the limit I play right now. But that is for two reasons. First, I am trying to get my ring game in better shape. I feel I am succeeding there. Second, I need to feel comfortable playing bigger limits or bigger buy in tournaments. For some reason, I prize my online bankroll more than any money I make in live settings. I may play 1/2 online, but I usually will play 5/10 or 6/12 live. Next month in Vegas I will try the 8/16 at Bellagio. I feel comfortable at those levels, but not online. It could be with so many more hands, I just cannot handle the swing at this time. But I am sure the comfort level will develop.

To get there, I realize I should start playing more 2/4 at a minimum. I did well clearing the August bonus at Party Poker. That should tell me something. I think it is time to kick it up a notch. While playing at PokerBlue yesterday, I was shocked at how passive people were. I watched as one person called down with A A. No pre-flop raise, no raise on any street. Just calls. They were lucky to win that as the flush was there on the turn. I kept betting out with the Hiltons but that a-hole took the pot I built. Granted, I am not complaining. I could have lost more on that hand, but I can't help but wonder why some people play. One person in particular had me flabbergasted. Calling station all the way. Except when they raised pre-flop, you knew they had a monster. But they did bet out one other time. On a gutshot straight. I already had my set, but didn't like seeing the scare card on the turn. I called and then bet out the river just to see them call with A high.

Again, I am not complaining about how the passive play. I sure the hell don't understand their thinking. Do they think they are being tricky by slow playing? Slow playing in limit is pretty stupid to begin with. There are some places you can do so, but every time? Just like check-raising. The same players do it every time. You sure are fooling anyone. Instead you are winning smaller pots. Nice move, especially when you flop your set of 2s, and lose to the higher set because you waited to check raise the river.

"D" also brought up Potowatami. I can't say I have been down there since last fall. I should go out there again soon. I watched the 20/40 game once. One guy practically ran over the table, though it was only 4 handed. I was told the 10/20 game is much tougher than the 20/40 at the Pot. I do like the game plan. Maybe I should take some cash and head down just to get a taste when I get back from Vegas.

Thanks for the encouragement "D".

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Joe Speaker said...

Sometimes my mind just boggles at the play I see. And it totally throws me off my game because I have no friggin' clue what I'm up against.

I saw a jackhole slow-play pocket queens yesterday out of position. Queens!