Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More satellite fun

I was playing some limit at Full Tilt. Things were going my way. I was playing some disciplined poker and achieving some good results. I was quite happy with my play. Until my A A got busted on the flopped straight and I lost to A K. Not a bad beat but I knew the third player in the hand had K K. If the flop was better, I would have cleaned the other buy out. The fact he actually had a hand here was surprising considering the crap he had played already.

But after being a bit restless (it has been hot and humid lately and my air condition aka Lake Michigan hasn't kicked in yet), I felt I needed a tourney fix. So I loaded up PokerRoom to see what they had going on. They usually have their $5 tourney going on. But not tonight. It may have started earlier because I didn't see it. Instead I saw something that intrigued me even more. A satellite to the WPT Bellagio stop. Sweet. It was stage one of three. Always willing to climb a mountain, I signed up. For every 9 players, one seat in the second stage is award. Works for me.

107 people started. I double up on the 3rd hand with J 8s in the big blind. Someone in EP raised to just 50. 4 players had already called. Pot odds told me to call and see a flop. Well what do you know? I flopped a flush. I was going to be it out because I didn't have the nuts. If I could get at least one caller- guaranteed I would- it would be profitable. I was about to bet just above the pot, when I felt I should push instead. I did and was called by the K of spades. No other spade and I double up quickly. In hindsight, I should have bet a smaller amount and pushed a on a raise or the turn.

A number of hands later, I re-raise the UTG bettor with J J. But he then pushes. Oops. Though he may have A K here, I don't feel the risk is good. Hell, with the jacks, I should just call here and see a flop.

But the quick double up is all that happened for the next half hour. I stay even by playing some hands aggressively to make my blinds back. But instead I chase a 6 outer and give chips back. I am back where I started. Why? Cuz I am not focused on the game. The Motley Crue I have playing in the background is more interesting than the cards I am getting. Plus a table switch didn't help me much. The fish were swimming on the old one.

Must focus. A Q looks good. Raise to 500. No callers. Oh well. Send me the blinds. But from there I wimper out. Blinds come around and I can't defend. Then I push with 9 9 just to run into K K. Ouch. I toss my last 180 in as the big blind with 6 3. Out at 33.

I played pretty poorly here. The Motley Crue had me going too.

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