Friday, August 12, 2005

That was different

After encountering some extremely passive players at the 1/2 tables at PokerBlue, I experienced the opposite at the 2/4 tables. Not that they were any good, just aggressive.

I noticed things would be different right away. I usually will post right away to enter the game unless the blinds will hit me within 2 or 3 hands. Basically that is what happened last night. It showed me what to expect. 3 bets pre-flop and capping on the flop were common. I had no problem with that. I had two tables open and was ready to ram and jam.

I had the deck hit me silly on one table and quickly doubled up. It is easy when you get pocket rockets back to back. I scooped a nice pot with a full house and got a smaller one on a river fold. But I noticed some interesting stuff. Some of the big stacks were trying to bully people out. Pre flop raises with K 8 off or in EP with K J off. They would call the re-raise but fold to the flop bet. Or they would cap the turn and fold on the river. I would have played for a while longer but the bad beats started happening. When the clown called 2 bets with Q 3 suited and hit his flush to beat my flopped set, I was done. I cashed up 12 BB.

Unfortunately I wasn't as lucky at the other table. I cashed down 14 BB. Here I couldn't get a hand to save my life. A K would see ragged flops and the guy with second pair would call me down. When my two pair got crushed by quads, I knew it was time to go there too.

But overall it was encouraging. I know I can hang here. I hope to make this just a quick stop before heading up again. I have the bankroll to do so and need to really find that comfort zone.

After losing 10 bucks on the ring game, I made it up by coming in first in a $10 SnG. I was about to go double or nothing and pop it into a $30 SnG but decided that my one beer wouldn't last me that long. Rather than go through withdrawal, I decided it was time to call it a day.

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Easycure said...

Your poker play is solid and your blogging is good. You're starting to piss me off.

OK, it's jealousy.