Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Clicking on though the good doctor

Thanks Dr. Pauly for the shout out. I hope anyone that has clicked on through Pauly's site isn't expecting the high level of writing that he puts out there on a daily basis. I am just a hack trying to improve my game and have fun doing so. This is more to amuse myself than anything else. And that I do.


ChaseNFold said...

Pauly said there was free beer here.

D said...

Why do you blog about all of these lo'limit ring games, lo'buy in online tournaments and the such. You live in Milwaukee bro! hasn't anyone told you about the soft seat at the $20/40 game at Potawatomi on Tuesday nights? It is unreal. Someone with your "skill" (disciplined, tight, only playing proper hands in the right position) would absolutely mop up at this game.
I'll tell you what here's what you do...Get there early Tuesday, 2pm -4pm, play whatever (3/6, 5/10, 2/5 NL) and put your name on the 20/40 list of interest. Try to build your 'roll, or bring one with you, because this game is filled with doctors & lawyers who have the night away from there wives and have no idea how to play. They bring 2g's and most of them probably drop all of it. Watch out for the real players though, but they're pretty hard to miss (ie. college kids, players with stacks, anyone who doesn't look like a lawyer playing 20/40). This game should fit your style perfect; play tight, don't limp early, don't chase, play position, don't slow play, trap only with the nuts, etc.
If you want to make some serious money playing cards these are the games you need to be involved in. Build your 'roll before you go to Vegas or A.C.
Other close casinos worth visiting to bank on where no one should know you: Oneida in GB, Harah's and Trump Plaza in Hammond, IN. All of the these are about 1.5 hours from the east side of Milwaukee.
If you think this post is full of shit, well, I graduated from UWM in May'04 with degrees in Economics and Statistics. I had a big enough 'roll from playing in college that I haven't stopped. Oh yeah, I'm up 250k from May of last year to now and live in A.C. (Atlantic City).
Best of luck to you. I stumbled across your blog from the good Doctor's link and figured as a fellow cheesehead, I should give you some encouragement. keep writing and keep playing cards, but whatever you do, give up the lo'limit crap, it's like committing career suicide!!

Patrick said...

Yes, I too was under the impression that there was beer. Oh well.

Easycure said...

Free Beer? Where?