Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Kings cracked- Twice!!!

Nothing can ruin a good run that having a good pair cracked twice. Within 15 minutes.

That was the difference between a winning and losing session. The second time I could see. Guy had limped in mid position with J 10o and flopped a straight. Problem here was the EP limper who had A Q did not raise. If he raised, there is a slight chance that guy does not call two bets or even the third when I raise it behind him. I say slight as the guy was probably playing the hand no matter what. So he flopped the straight, slow played the flop, and raised the river. He got an extra bet out of me on the turn when I realized the clown played J 10 and paid him off. It would have been so sweet to see the board pair up and send the joker home.

It was the first K K I lost with that pissed me off. I was in the BB with the cowboys and re-raised the button. Flop came Q high rainbow. There is no draw out there. I bet and he calls. Turn in the dreaded A. I bet and he calls. River is a rag. I bet and he calls to show A 10o. I can see the steal, but to draw to 3 outs? Correct me if I am wrong, but with 3 outs, he doesn't have pot odds to make that call (yeah I could look it up but don't want to. I rather bitch).

Overall I can't complain too much. The loss wasn't that much and I got out before I tilted away a lot more.

In one week from today, I should be finishing up an all night poker session in Vegas. I can see the transition from Lite to Maker's Mark to Baileys and coffee happening already.


Chad said...

The thing that pisses me off most about those kind of hands is the flat call on the river. If the guy is afraid that his 10 kicker is no good in the first place, WHY STAY IN THE DAMN HAND? He hits the hand he wanted, and still wusses out.

Anonymous said...


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