Monday, August 22, 2005

Stuckeness- crappy play digs a hole

No, I am not talking about my opponents on PokerBlue. I need to step forward and say it.

I stunk tonight.

Flat out stunk the joint up. I had to open windows in my house to get some of the stench out.

And yet, I squeaked out a ten dollar profit. Over 2 hours. Huge profit!!!

I got the majority of it with the Hiltons. Always easy when you flop a set that includes a K or A. But when you fill the boat by the river and someone else is so excited to cap it, you can cover up all the mistakes you tried to make to your bankroll.

But after playing some great poker for the last couple of weeks, the weekend wasn't so kind to me. I need to take step back and look at what went wrong. As much as I would like to claim the bad beats, suckouts and the clowns calling 3 bets with crap, I know a good part of the loss was my own fault.

At least tonight I was able to realize what I was doing and come back out of a hole. Being stuck for $150 playing 2/4 sucks. Coming back to eke out a couple bucks feels good. I just need to prevent the stuckeness. Hey, I created a word!!! Feel free to use it but give me a bit of credit.

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