Thursday, August 04, 2005

Making the satellite chip pay off

I put that satellite chip to use tonight. After playing some ring games and suffering a nasty beat (doofus play A 2 off, going for the gutshot wheel, and hitting runner runner 2s for trips), I decided it was time to put that $26 dollar value to use.

The only tournament was starting at 9:30 CST and was a multi. I didn't know whether I wanted to play a multi or try a SnG to get into Saturday's Borgata Open tournament. I settled on the SnG because there were 6 already registered and it shouldn't take much time for 2 others to show. Sure enough, they were soon there and we were on.

After about an hour, I won my seat. I pissed someone off early when my open ended straight was filled on the turn. He went on about how I was dominated after the flop (he claims he had two pair). I don't think I was quite "dominated" there. I was behind, but with the open ended draw and two over cards, I can't be that far behind. He was playing two rags and shouldn't have been in there. When he made the wimpy flop bet, I had an easy call.

That chipped me up early. A half hour later, I was the chip leader. I would never give it up either. The play at the table was fantastic. People pushing on their draws, calling all ins with a low pocket pair. Sweet action!

The winning hand was a draw. I had K 4d in the BB and saw a free flop. Came A 6 8, one diamond. He checked, I checked. Turn is a diamond. He thinks and bets the pot. I am pretty sure he doesn't have an ace. He may have a lower pair. I feel my K is pretty good and I have the flush outs as well. The call is only 1200 and I would be behind in chips by about 1000 if I don't hit a card. I also recall a comment he had earlier in the tournament when he bet the pot. He said he had to push out the draws. I was confident that is what he was trying. I call. River is the 10 of diamonds. He checks. I bet 2000, trying to make it look like I am buying it. He pushes all in. Whaaaaat? Hell, it don't get any easier than that. One push of the button and I have my seat for Saturday. My nut flush beats his flopped set of 6s. Nice slowplay.

Looks like they will only be giving out 2, maybe 3 seats. Worse yet, I may not be able to get those days off if I somehow win the seat. My Vegas trip in the beginning of September could hinder it. But I will worry about that bridge when I come to it.

I have a tournament to win on Saturday! And don't forget to read Truckin'.

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