Sunday, August 21, 2005

Freerollin' again on Blue

I am a sucker for the freeroll. I was quite happy to see PokerBlue continue to have Sunday freerolls for anyone playing at least 4 hours during the week. With their WPT promotion over, they now have a $3000 prize pool up for grabs.

First prize is $1000. Only 85 people are registered so this should be a cashing opportunity. Especially when the table starts with just 9 people and 3 aren't even online. Even if I make the second table, I can still pocket 50 bucks.

Things start slow. I win a small pot with 6 6, lose a bigger pot with 8 8. I take down some small pots with A K and the monster hand of K 4 off.

Things are going slow when my table abruptly closes. I get kicked out to the lobby. I try to get back to my table but it comes up blank. Visions of Poker Morgue go through my mind. Then a message comes up stating the prize pool has been figured incorrectly and the tournament will restart soon. It does restart but with just 3 of us at the table. Soon others show up again. Now I am at a table with 9 people, of which 5 aren't online.

And apparently they want to play every hand. Which is ok with me. But I don't like rasing with A K suited and having the big blind call to see a board of all diamonds. Then I have to fold 7 7 to the all in bet.

Somewhat stupid play on my part here. I have the A Q suited in clubs and catch two of the suit on the flop. I make the follow through bet and get called. I make the turn bet, not my suit and get raised. Damn. I now think I can push my last 800 in and go finish dinner (never try to make dinner and play poker at the same time), or I can fight my way back. My stomach wins out and I push, a play I never believe in making. I get lucky and see a beautiful 2 of clubs on the river. I double through.

QQ takes a nice pot when I bet out the flop of J 7 7. I get one caller. I push on the rag turn to take the pot down right there. I figured him for just an ace and was surprised he didn't call.

I lose a chunk of chip with A 10 off on the button. I go for a steal and raise it up 4xs the blinds. The small blind calls. Flop comes 9 10 J, two clubs. SB bets the pot. I feel he has nothing but a draw. I think my 10s are good and push him in. He calls showing K 6 suited but a Q spikes the turn giving him a straight. WTF?!?!!? I hate the suckout! It is bad enough he called with a crap hand but to not even hit the draw he was thinking sucks.

Then I push it all with a flush just to run into quad kings. So much for an easy cash.

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