Tuesday, August 09, 2005


After reading Iggy's last post about Poker Blue and their WPT freeroll, I knew it was just a matter of time before I would deposit there. I wouldn't be able to participate in the last two freerolls but could get into one of them. Plus with 100% deposit bonus, it would help me work on my ring game.

I have decided to focus on the ring game with the Vegas trip on the horizon. I want to dominate the tables in the castle. I haven't felt this good about my ring game ever. Reading the Sklansky, Malmouth, Miller book has really helped.

So I finally popped some cash into Poker Blue and started playing. Overall reaction is mixed. The software is just like any other for the most part. But they do not allow notes (that I can find) nor does it make a sound to alert you to your turn. When I am on a bad streak of cards, I like to get stuff done between hands. Whether it is making dinner, getting the laundry going, or using the bathroom, it is nice to have some sound telling you it is your turn, and not that your turn is just about up. Another thing I like is the choice to show my hand or not. It seems to be set on automuck. Oh well.

The players so far have been pretty bad as well. As fishy as Party. Last night there were over 1000 logged in and it didn't take long to get a seat in a full 1/2 game. One thing I noticed right away was that any ace was going to be played. No matter what rag may be with it. Plus, that ace wasn't going to fold. No matter what. Thus I didn't like having my K K or Q Q busted by the turn A even though they had no reason calling that flop bet.

The blinds were just about always in the hand as well. It was like they figured if they had 50 cents in there already, that calling 1.50 more, without pot odds, was always the smart thing to do. Hey, your Q 5 offsuit may just flop two queens and take down the A A being played from UTG. Yeah, I am still smarting from that beat.

Aggressive plays works like a charm so far. In playing two hours, I don't think I saw one single check raise. Even with the trip queens above. He bet the flop and I raised him. Never did he raise me on the turn or river. Actually, I checked the river as did he. The players are very passive. And they are willing to call down with bottom pair.

So I may sit here for a bit and play Poker Blue to see how it works out. My hope is that the WPT freeroll is replaced by a very similar promotion soon and that the frequent player points I accumulate clearing the bonus may be used for something better. Otherwise there is nothing too special about playing there. I rather play at Full Tilt for the ring games or Party Poker for the Bad Beat Jackpot.

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MVilla888 said...

I just signed up for PokerBlue as well...haven't played yet, but got an email from them this morning stating their concern that I hadn't deposited any cash yet, and that they would give me $25 to do a survey for them...so I'll be on there tonight spending they're $25 bucks...wheee.