Thursday, August 25, 2005

If only it were this easy all the time

Here is a hand that Dr. Pauly would be proud of:

I was playing 2/4 last night. I am in the BB with the Hilton Sisters. UTG raises. It folds around to me and I bump it up. He caps.

The flop comes 7d, Jc, Qc. I flop my set. I bet. He raises. Nice! I re-raise and he caps. I like this.

Turn is the case Q. Sweet mother, the entire Hilton family! I bet it out (There is no way he is dropping this hand the way he has bet it so far). He raises, I re-raises and he caps again.

River is a 10h. At this point I must admit I had pegged him for A A or K K. But I really don't care what he has. We go through the dance again with it getting capped.

He turns over A K. Of clubs. I win a $94 pot.

It isn't until I replay the hand that I realize potentially dodged a bullet. He was drawing to a Royal Flush. If he hit that 10 of clubs, I would have suffered a bad beat and not collected anything.

Worse yet, just before I called the final bet, I type in "you are going to feel stupid". I would have been the stupid one if that 10c hits.

Thankfully, it didn't.


James Wigderson said...

So, would you have bet on the Royal Flush draw too?

Easycure said...

That still would have been a tough one-outer to lose to, and worse yet if not on the Party BB tables.

StB said...

It would have been an extremely tough one outer to lose, especially for not being on a BB table.

Would I have bet that hard? No. I would have capped pre-flop. 3 bet the flop and maybe just call the turn bet. Though on the river, I would have capped with the straight.

His aggressiveness was warranted. He had a ton of outs with a draw to the nuts. You cannot expect to be up against quads.

Dr. Pauly said...

You friggin rock... good job. Hiltons were +EV for you... about friggin time, eh?

Beck said...

His agression most certainly was not warranted. On the flop, he had an inside straight draw, a nut-flush draw, and two over cards, but still should have assumed that he had the worst of it. Plus, StB's play indicated he had a big pair--either Q-Q, K-K, or A-A. In that case, many of the agro player's outs were no good.

When the board paired on the turn, Agro's outs to a straight or flush were potentially no good. They were certainly no longer draws to the nuts. To continue raising there is suicide. In fact, he could have safely assumed there was a strong chance he was drawing dead to one out (the royal flush) which, in fact, he was.

Why he would cap on the river with just a straight just shows that he doesn't know how to read a board.