Sunday, August 14, 2005

Trying to ride the Bike.

I played in the PokerBlue Bike freeroll today. 138 started. I ended up in 4th. No trip for me.

My A K ran into A A. That was it. I won't be in L.A. next weekend. Maybe I should have realized something was up with the limp, push on the raise move.

On the flip side, the play in this tourney was pretty pathetic. Lots of strange pushes, calls, etc. I didn't even try to understand what the heck these people were trying to accomplish.

Hopefully they will have more of these freerolls in the future. The play at PokerBlue is very soft and I am using it to hone my ring game. Results have been very encouraging. At the least I will be in good shape for Vegas next month.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, how do you like playing there. i have been hearing some mixed comments about PokerBlue. I am looking to do a review on it for this new poker site

StB said...

I had already posted my thoughts on it. The software is ok, nothing special. The play is fishy and soft.

Without the WPT freeroll, I probably wouldn't have even deposited there. If it wasn't for the donks, I may not even try to clear the bonus.

I hope they have similiar tourneys in the future like their WPT freeroll.