Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Quad Ducks- Was it misplayed?

No, I am not the one that had the deuces. I was the one who lost the pot. But I didn't lose much.

It is 1/2 on Full Tilt. I am in the BB and am dealt 10 7 off. UTG+1 limps. Everyone else folds. Flop comes 2 2 10,rainbow. I check, he checks. Turn is a rag. I bet, he calls. River a Q. I bet, he raises, I call. He shows the pocket 2s.

Then he proceeds to type in chat about his big hand. How great he is, blah, blah, blah.

I sat there, perplexed. Not about how I lost the hand (my two pair looked good considering someone is EP just limped, how would they have a 2? A 2 or 2 2 is about it), but how the guy could brag when he only won a small pot. What did he get, 6 1/2 BBs?

I mean he had quad 2s. On that flop, how the heck am I going to think he has that? I think he should have bet it. It would look like a steal. At the minimum, raise the turn. He may get more out of it. I play pretty aggressive at times. On this board, I would have to think my 10 is good. Unless the clown is playing all over cards this far, I have a good chance to win.

I would think with any quads 4s or less, you can bet it out, especially on a rag board like this. No one is going to buy it. What if someone has a pocket pair themselves? They may play their draw to a full house or again, think their hand is good. You can never put someone on quads.

I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Instead of trying to maximize this hand and get a bigger pot, this guy was slow playing, thinking he was the king of the world here.

Any thoughts?


Chad said...

Yeah, he played like a big pile of poo. He could've bet the flop and raised the turn and would've gotten 1.5BB more out of you.

Like you said, how can you possibly put someone on any 2 in that spot?

Chilly said...

I agree. If he is going to make any money with that hand he has to feel you out on the flop.

You will either have flopped a hand, put him on steal or fold. If you fold the chance that you catch on the turn and river are slight anyway.

Easycure said...

He definitely should have bet the flop to maximize the hand. At that point the only thing that could have beat him was quad 10s or runner runner quads (which you'll never worry about anyway) his position you gotta think that you're not going to get much in any case unless somebody keeps improving, so you should bet it.

He played it poorly - and saved you money. (Thanks!)