Saturday, August 06, 2005

That feeling

You ever have that feeling. You know, that top of your game feeling.

Cards come around and hit you well. Most of your big hands don't get busted. When they do, it is only a small pot that is lost because some punter (see Dr. Pauly's letter from the Aussie) has only 5 bucks left at the 2/4 table and goes all in just to catch runner runner to win the $12 pot. You would have lost a lot more on your flopped set. But you didn't.

You have that top of your game feeling going.

That is how I feel this morning. Just played two hours at the Bad Beat tables on Party Poker and cashed out up $213. That is 25 BB an hour. Pretty good rate, eh?

Made some nice hands and got paid off well. The best part though, is the two tables I was playing. If I didn't have to mow the lawn, I would still be going at it. One table was super fishy, while the other table was half fishy but with cool people.

At the fishy table, I got knocked around pretty bad. My starting hundred went down to $26 before I made the comeback and cashed up a couple of bucks. My draws just weren't hitting. My big pocket pairs weren't dragging any big pots. But I knew if I was patient, and played very disciplined poker, I would make it back and then some. Bingo! Up 12 bones when done.

Meanwhile at the other table, I was kicking ass. I tripled my buy in. I only had K K cracked once. Every other time, I collected big pots with those hands. I watched in amazement as I got raised when holding the nuts. You can't ask for anything more. Even had my blinds pay off. 8 2 off in the big blind? No problem. Nice to see the 8 hit the flop and get checked around. I thank everyone for calling my bet when the 2 hits the turn. I want to shake their hand when a 8 hits the river and they pay me off.

I could bet people off pots. I could raise for free cards. I could bluff. There was little I couldn't do.

About the only thing that didn't happen was hitting the Bad Beat Jackpot. There is always later.
And this all occurs because of the August bonus. Hopefully I can carry this over to the Full Tilt tournament.

If only I didn't have to mow the lawn.

Still, its good to have that feeling.

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