Friday, May 27, 2005

Cleared the bonus but lost at Party

Yep, I admit it. I have lost money at Party Poker. Cleared the May bonus in 3 days and lost $21 in the process playing 1/2. Guess I should clarify that I only had a bonus of $50 and technically was up $29 after receving the bonus but I was a loser at the tables.

It was a case of 4 losing sessions over 6 hours. Never a big loss, usually 10-15 bucks. A good final session lifted me up to where I was. I have tried to study how I played these games. Was I looser than normal? Did I play really stupid? I don't think so. I played some hands too loose like one where I called with A 10 suited on a flop that contained just one of my suit but didn't help me at all. I called 2 bets by accident. I thought it was just one and with overcards called. I exclaimed "Shit!" upon doing so. Like a true Party Poker player I runner runnered the flush. All on accident.

I do recall 3 hands that pissed me off. Each were quite similiar. Small stack (less than $5) raises pre-flop and gets 4 callers. They bet out the flop and re-raise until they are all in. In these hands I had the best hand pre and post flop. They would catch their needed A or K on the river, usually showing K or A rag offsuit. Yep, each time taking a $15-$20 pot that was going to be mine across the table to some moron. With those 3 hands, I eke out a small profit.

But I did learn something. I will play more at Party in my patent style. Iggy is right. However, I think I may reload at Noble for their big reload bonus. The fish swim there too. I had one really bad day the other night. I made up for it on one hand yesterday.

I went to the 2/4 game to check it out. I was playing with the house's money so I would put a toe in the water to see how it was. There were only 6 at the table. I watched a couple hands to get a feel for the action. Looks like everyone wanted to play every hand. As you know, that is good and bad. Good as you will make a good chunk of change. Bad because some chump will play their 8 3 suited and river the 8 for 2 pair to crack your aces.

However, it was me that would do the cracking last night. I was up a couple of bucks when the Hilton Sisters came for a visit. I said hello Paris with a re-raise and hello Nicki with a cap call. All 5 are in the pot. Every hand and every bet for this table. Flop comes 8 high, rainbow. I bet out and the original bettor raises again. Only one folds, the other two call when he re-raises again. I just call the raise as I know I must be behind. Turn is Mama Hilton (?) Queen of Diamonds. Nice. It does put two diamonds on the board now, but there is no straight possibility. I go for the check raise. Damn, no re-raise here. River is a rag, but a diamond. I cringe thinking one of these guys kept jamming with A K diamonds and hit their hand now. I bet out and they both call. There is a moment as my cards are shown. Theirs hit the muck and $92 comes my way. May be the biggest cash pot I have ever won. Not quite sure as I never keep track of that.

Felt good to have the Hiltons put a smile on my face. Now I know why Pauly likes them so.

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