Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Freeroll marathon- Take 1

Software doesn't seem much better on Poker Mountain. People are complaining right away about the software and their connectivity. It doesn't look smooth. The cards come out rather choppily. 500 are signed up but maybe 380 are playing. Only the top ten will split the $500 pool. Seeing how I have played a lot of limit lately, I figure on using these to prime me for the Vegas tournament.

I play slow and tight with only the big hands to start off. A K early on gets me a small pot as does A Q. I watch the table as a couple players want to be in every hand. There is only one that concerns me and they will show their cards.

A Q gets me some more chips as some guy decides to call my 5x BB bet with A 9 off. Strange how he kept calling my bets on down. I see that TJ Cloutier is playing and doing well. Daniel Negreanu is nowhere in site. I guess he doesn't want anything to do with "his" online place to play. The guy on my left has given up. He says that his connection isn't responding. I give him credit for not screwing up the table. Hey, this is just a freeroll.

I take down some more pots but nothing really big. I am watching the two ATC players yo yo up and down with their chips. One hits the miracle straight after playing 7 9 offsuit. That really pissed another off. Don't know why as they pushed with A 9 off.

The table seems to now be pretty passive as the two knuckleheads have been knocked out. Plus, I have players to the right and left of me that aren't here. I will be able to steal blinds without even trying.

Just after an hour a message pops up saying the tournament will be ended. They have a problem with the software that they need to fix. At least they have a message informing us that it will be halted. Now message are coming every couple of minutes. Looks like they will add $2 to the pool for every player left. Now they say they will shut down and be back in 5 minutes. I'll be damned if it doesn't go down in the middle of a hand. Just shuts down. Good to see they have their act together.

I'll call this the first break. I am sitting just about 2100 and have higher than an average stack. Not too bad. Pretty much where I usually am at.

Ten minutes go by and I log back in. Nothing really happens. Ten minutes later there are a whopping 50 people that have logged back in. Hmm...maybe the message was that they were going to give everyone $2, possibly an equal share of the prize pool. I decide to give it another 15 and call it a night. Last thing I am going to do is wait around waiting for a crappy site to come back up for a freeroll.

Besides, I will be playing it again tomorrow. Yeah, I never learn.

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