Wednesday, May 11, 2005

WPBT- Shot number 3

I poured my Leinenkugel Big Butt Dopplebock, taking in the aroma of the beer. I took a sip. Smooth. Hopefully my poker play in satellite number 3 for a seat at Event #2 would be as smooth. I know I would have fun, but I wanted victory kind of fun.

I looked around at the starting table. Rather formidable. Dr Pauly is there once again. G-Rob of Up for Poker fame. Maudie, Peacecorn and Gamecock are the others I recognize.

A couple hands in I raise it up from EP with 2 2. It seemed like everyone called. So much for thinning the field. I fold on the flop. Same thing happens with 9 9. I call the bet but fold on the flop. Time for another beer. I may be too sober.

K J suited gets me a nice pot when 4 see a flop come K high and 2 clubs. I bet it out and they all fold but one. I know he is on a flush draw right away. I bet just over half the pot on the turn. He raises. I have to push. Shows A 3 clubs and doesn't fill on the river. Nice.

I give 350 back when I try to drop the hammer. But Gamecock throws it all in and I have to fold. I get moved to a new table just after I successfully drop the hammer.

There I see Iggy and Badblood. I was hoping to get a chance to play with these two at some point over one of these tournaments. Best thing so far is my raises get a bit of respect. I am not raising on crap but some good hands. I sit at 2320 at the break after A A gets me some more chips. 55 of the starting 81 are still in.

One of the better parts is running into Kevin, someone I met at Badger Poker(interestingly enough using the moniker I had referred to him as, Tigers Hat). He seems to be running well, though not in this tournament. He was done at roughly the 45 minute mark when his A A got cracked by 4 7 off. Ouch! Apparently he is kicking ass over at PokerRoom.

I get A A on the second hand after the break. I bet it out and it folds around. Reminds me of yesterday. I get Q Q and lose half of my stack to K K. The blinds knock me down to 860. I need to get some chips back and quick. But with blinds at 50/100, I do have some time.

I push with A K and get the blinds. But greed takes over. With A 10 suited, I call Bloods all in bet. I figure he may be playing the Jack Hammer (J 4) or the hammer. He has 10 10 taking away some outs. I don't see the A and I am crippled.

At that point, blinds go up and I am forced all in. My K 5 doesn't improve and I am out in 50th. It sucks that I didn't play my best game. Calling with A 10 suited??? I deserved to lose that pot. At least Blood took my chips and put in to good use. I big congrats goes out to the Pirate. He ended up winning it all and will be playing at the WSOP. Nice job!

In 3 weeks I will be on a plane heading out to Vegas. I have never really railbirded before but I am sure it will be a blast.

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Ignatious said...

had fun playing with you, sir. looking forward to vegas. :)