Monday, May 30, 2005

Weekend poker thoughts

Thanks to all those who left comments congratulating me on my weekend romp through the online poker world. I should be meeting you in Vegas in just a couple of days (that is nice to type) and the drink will flow.

I noticed some things that really stuck out while playing this weekend. I think the first was how much A 10 overplayed. I like playing A 10, especially suited, in limit games. However, in NL, I tend to shy away unless I am the aggressor. I was surprised many times to see people calling big bets or all in bets with just A 10. Actually I would say it was shocking. A 10 isn't that strong. If you flopped an A, you kicker is just so so. But many times I would see players either limp, or min raise with A 10, then call the push or big re-raise. Can't think of a single time they won the hand. Needless to say, I enjoyed watching such bad moves. When looking down, A 10 does not become Ace to the tenth power. It isn't that good.

Second thing I saw a lot of, and didn't like were the push monkeys. You know these kind of players. They are scared to play poker. So they raise up the bet to 15 or 20 times the BB. This seemed to mostly be done with J J or 10 10. I enjoyed watching them lose big stacks with such a stupid play. Why the big bet? You have no faith in your post-flop play? Don't know how to represent a big hand? Heck, if you get re-raised, you can always fold! Instead, they keep pushing like a monkey- I even started taunting them by typing in "any monkey can push chips" in hopes they would get pissed and push when I raise with a monster- with not so strong hands. They never realize that someone will wait for them to make their move and call with a good hand. Monkeys never win.

One observation I had was on my own play. I didn't play my best in the end of the tournaments. I was very weak headsup. I tried to be aggressive but kept folding to a re-raise when the flop didn't hit me or I caught bottom pair. Not quite sure how to remedy that leak yet but have checked some things out. First thing first is to continue to get myself into that situation.

I am still amazed that I won over $2800 in 2 days. Mindblowing is the only way to describe it. I know I am not the best player out there, but I feel my game is improving. So much that I am willing to part with $1500 of what I just won to play on Friday, if I can. Hell, that is the point of this money, to keep getting better and to play against the best. I have already pulled my investment out so this is just one big freeroll to me. Except I doubt I will see a bunch of monkeys at the table in the WSOP.


Felicia :) said...

Very awesome!

I have the perfect way for you to spend it. I'll take you to the swanky, world famous Western while you're in Vegas. We'll live like true high rollers.

Easycure said...

There will be a few monkeys in the WSOP: Huge Junk, Otis and me to name three........