Monday, May 16, 2005

Read about the crazies

The internet is a nice thing. Without the internet we couldn't get instant access to news, play poker, communicate with others around the globe, or see free porn.

Of course we also get to be entertained by the whack jobs out there. Check this one out over at 2 Hole Cards. A thread about whether online poker is rigged. I give Nick credit for trying to debate with the 2 lunatics who insist they are being cheated. If you read some of the hand histories, I would summarize them as being bad players or simply, idiots. Especially the guy who says he has a masters degree but probably couldn't find some countries on a map.

Played a minimal amount of poker this weekend. Played well in limit at Noble (how can you not?) but need to get my tourney game back in shape before Vegas. Missed the WPBT game last night. Congrats to Joe Speaker for his victory. 19 days until the railbirding begins!

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