Sunday, May 01, 2005

WPBT satellite night take 2- Drunken poker

I kinda rushed home to play in the WPBT satellite for a chair in Event #2 at the WSOP. Earlier in the day, I enjoyed the Brewers demolishing the Reds at Miller Park. Needless to say, if you know me, I also drank a fair share of hoppy beverages during the game. Afterwards, I popped into a couple taverns to enjoy some more beer. My friends gave me a strange look when I took off at quarter to 6 to get home to play some poker.

I did pretty well to my reckoning. I got on a nice rush late and won 5 hands in a row to pop myself up to 2nd place. With 11 left, I liked my chances.

I drop a lot on A 8 off defending my blinds. A flop of all diamonds doesn't help as it give me a low flush draw. I call a bet on the flop. I bet out when he checks the turn. 2000 isn't good enough and he calls. I check the river as well and lose to A Q.

That isn't so bad but the chip leader in on my right and he is pretty damn good. We hit the final table and I am in 5th. I try to steal with J 10 hearts but run into a pair of 8s. With only 400 more to call I have to do it. Flop gives trips and I stumble backwards again to 8th.

I have some 9s hold up and double through. I get some blinds with A K and kick up to 3rd place. That is where I get 10s and run into A K. The ace hits the flop and I get knocked down again. I get A A on the next hand and call the all in by the chip leader. He has 6 5 suited. Flop hits the 6. Turn is a 6 and I am gone.

Nothing you can do when you are all in with a great hand. I received no help when I needed it most. For the best recap, go check out Dr. Pauly.

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