Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Dr. Pauly freeroll

I was in good spirits for the Dr. Pauly freeroll being held at Noble Poker. I spent the time between the tournament and work drinking beer and eating wings. Hey, every athlete needs a regimen. I have my own.

Shocker how I am sitting at the same starting table as Dr. Pauly. Third time in a roll how this has happened. Things started well. On the first hand A J paid off a little bit. A J would earn me some chips to get the night going a couple of times. But the big hand would be the Hilton Sisters cracking some Cowboys. That chipped me up well. Or at least for the time being. Soon after that I would have my own Cowboys knocked down by Big Slick.

The only hand that I misplayed early on was a pair of 9s. I raised it up just to have Dr. Pauly push all in. I thought about it. Thought some more and decided I would call. Just as I clicked on the call button, I got timed out. That sucked. As it turned out, Pauly had just A J. The other caller has A K. I would have ended up with a straight. Damn.

I then bleed some chips with 8 8 on a J high flop. EP pushes. I think and doubt he has A J or K J. Wrong. He has A J and I don't see the miracle set. I am just above where we started having given away half of my stack.

I then attempt to bluff my way in the big blind by playing 8 9 off. Flop came A high and it was checked to me. I bet half the pot and was called. I fired the 2nd and 3rd bullet but was raised all in on the river. All I managed to do there was give half my stack away again. But I tried. You have to fire the 3rd bullet.

I hastily push with K Q off UTG later. I am glad that no one calls me down. I show hoping to induce some action later. Why? I don't know. I already have made some bad moves. If that ain't inducing action what will?

I go out soon in 89th place. I have 7 8 suited in the small blind and call. Flop comes 9 10 J. Sweet. Or so I thought. I push. I get called by the BB right away. Everyone else folds. He shows 8 Q for the higher straight. Just like that, I am done. No way out of that one.

But it was fun. I pushed with a strong hand so I can't complain. I will get it done next time.

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