Thursday, May 19, 2005

Freeroll marathon- Take 2. Er..maybe not

I was set to put up with the Poker Morgue Mountain crappy MTT software. I had dinner, had my beer, and had some patience. Turns out I would need none of it.

The tournaments were scrapped. The problem that occurred last night wasn't fixed. Did they alert anyone of this?


I log in to see the listings are gone. Totally gone. Much like PM will soon be.

So I go to Noble to continue to work off the bonus. Just a couple more days and that will be completed. If I get it done by the weekend I may even make another deposit to gain the 60% bonus. Hey, I am still a small player and need to build the bankroll.

So I play for a couple of hours before curiousity gets the better of me. I look at the tourneys and see a $2500 guarantee starting in 40 minutes. Interesting. Only 50 had signed up. I figure that maybe 100 tops will be in making a great overlay.

102 sign up and we are off. However, I miss one important aspect of this tournament. It is a rebuy. Shit! I hate rebuys. And I would really hate this one. Stupid bets, huge raises, all ins left and right. Ugly. Rebuy after play K 8 suited. Yeah, that was a great play.

I play stupid at the beginning thinking I can see some flops by limping. Dumb as someone is constantly pushing. I don't know why because they usually have a mid pair at best and will not be bluffing anyone.

I basically lose just about half my stack trying to limp and acting like a calling station. All this time I am just waiting for some decent cards as I watch one guy push on crap so many times. He probably rebought at least 7 times. Another has bought 5 times, and a third at least 4. They will need to reach 7th place to recoup their entries. Highly doubtful. Meanwhile the chip leader at the table has yet to rebuy.

So I bleed away half the stack and say WTF and push with K Q. I am up against 3 others. Great! Flop comes out 10 J J, two spades. One person has A J. I start hoping for the straight. The turn is a 6 of spades, the river a Q- of spades! I hit the runner runner flush and am back in the game. Of course, they are rebuying.

I push up the standings when I push with 10 10. I have 2 callers, one with A K. K hits the flop and I am ready to turn the pc off. The river comes with a black 10 and I crank up to 3rd. Now I am waiting for the rebuy period to end. That should end the nonsense.

At the break, I am in 6th spot, only because 3 others added on. I don't understand why at that point. Especially the guy who has already made 10 buyins at this time. There are 65 people left and the last 2 tables pay.

I am curious to see if the action at the table changes. It does for a bit except for Mr. 10 buy-in. He start pushing on flops again.

I don't do much until I get A J in EP. This hand kills me. I want to limp but don't really like the idea. I bet 750 (100/200). There is a fold and then a smaller stack pushes for a total of 2000. Two more over a guy pushes for another 3000 for 5115 total. WTF? I can't call with this. I would call the short stack but not the big stack. Short shows A A while the BS shows K Q off. K Q off??? Flop J J 4. DAMN! I would have ended up with a boat and a nice lead. Oh well. I know I shouldn't call that big stack. Stupid move on his part.

But that is how things are. All in pre flop a lot. 5000? Move all in. So what if the BB is only 200. A lot of times when they are called, they only have an A at best. Time to adjust as they move me to a new table. Oh wait, same thing going on here. A big stack is kinda bullying the small ones but doesn't need to push with any pair. He does so with 6 6 and runs into K K. But the guy with K J fills the straight cracking the cowboys.

Meanwhile I am getting blinded down as I get nothing to play. A couple orbits go by and I haven't played a hand. I try to defend the blinds but never hit the flop. Blinds come around again and I get some chips by betting at a flop of A A J with just a Q high. Got lucky at the tournament leader has been put to my right and he doesn't want to beat on me.

I see at this time that there are 27 left. My place? 21. Call me the bubble boy at this point. I am not concerned though. The table (as are most of the players in the tourney) are a bunch of action junkies. I watch some raise and then re-raise all in with just 8 8. I could see the raise but why push when you can see a flop?

I could sit and make the money but what fun is that? I get A K clubs and raise it up to 3000. The aggressive guy on my left pushes for another 1300. It folds back around and I call. He shows A 7 diamonds. Two diamonds on the flop and the last on the turn and I am crippled. Maybe I should have pushed preflop but I don't think it would have mattered.

Blinds come and I am forced to play the classic J 2 off suit. Great! Of course the assmunch that had the A 7 plays and knocks me out. I am out in 25th. Don't feel I played bad but it just takes one beat to knock you down and out.

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