Tuesday, May 17, 2005

An email from the dead

I have cleared just over half the bonus at Noble. There was a healthy number of players on last night to keep 3 tables going at the 1/2 level. Unfortunately for me, it was a losing session. For some reason whenever I 3 table, I always have a very poor performance at one table. I did well at 2 of them but the 3rd sucked me dry. Is there a lack of focus involved?

I know I didn't play my best poker either. Calling down at times I knew I was beat. This is becoming a tough one for me. With the crappy play going on, it is hard not to call down even though there are 3 of the same suit out there. Half the time they will have the flush, half the time they won't. This is a terrible habit to be developing but it has been profitable. But if you continue to pay people off, you will lost a lot more than you will win.

For instance I got A A cracked by 4 4 when there were 4 diamonds on the board and he had the fifth. Then surprisingly my A A stood up to 6 6 when there were 4 clubs on the board. Guess I have to lean on the instinct and focus on the notes I have on the players.

I played the 2/4 table for one orbit. I wanted to get a feel for the level of play and see if I may be ready for it. It was just an orbit as I wanted to catch a show on TV. It was an interesting ramming jamming game. Not too surprising for it to get at least raised, if not capped preflop. The cards some of these guys were playing kinda shocked me too. At one showdown, two pair won (K 10) beating out K 6, and Q Q. The fact that K 6 saw a flop calling 4 bets was funny. Then he flopped two pair. He rammed and jammed the pot up just to lose on the river 10. What the Q Q was doing in there until the end I will never know.

I had money in the pot in 4 hands. Two were in the blinds when I had 7 4 off and 9 3 suited. Needless to say I didn't call. I did raise with A K off which got capped. Flop came Q high. I called a bet to see the turn which was a J. This time I didn't call the two bets to see a river that would not have helped me. I did win a pot with J 10 in mid position. Ended up getting all in when the J hit the flop. With a Q on the turn, I check raised to see where I really was (yeah, not the best move) mainly because I saw this guy call down with K 6 off. River was a rag and my jacks beat his pocket 3s. Yep. Pocket 3s. He raised preflop, bet the flop, re-raised with 4 overcards with just 3s. Maybe he was determined to bluff me out or something. I simply thought my jacks were probably the best hand.

For now I will continue to grind out at the 1/2 with an occasional shot at the 2/4. Since I am playing with their money, how can I not give it a whirl?

I was quite surprised to see I had an email from Poker Morgue Mountain. Seems they have risen from the dead and are looking to re-introduce themselves. They are having a number of freerolls over the coming nights to try and prove them multi table tournaments will not crash. Being unable to pass on a freeroll, you know where I will for the next couple of night. If I cash in any of them, I will probably pull the money right out. I don't see them being around much longer. I log in usually every other day to see how many people are playing on their site. Rarely is there more than 10 people playing a real money table. You cannot and will not survive like that. My guess is that PM had to hit up their investors to get the cash for the freerolls. Granted it is only a prize pool of $500 or $1000 for any of them but they sure aren't making that on rake.

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