Friday, May 13, 2005

Missing the point on Noble?

After satellite number 3 was over, I noticed a number of bloggers bashing Noble Poker. Cruddy avatars, sound effects that were stupid, not seeing cards, etc. were being tossed around as to why Noble is a bad site.

I am not going to argue about those things. They may not be the best but I ask you, what is? The game play seems to be the same as other sites, maybe not as smooth as you are use to at say Stars, but much better than a place like Poker Morgue Mountain.

But have you sat down and played the ring games there? You think that Party is an aquarium? This may be be the freakin' hatchery! The level of play is atrocious. Players will chase down their nut flush every single time. They will call the last bet thinking that maybe their A high is good. This will try to bluff at you when they aren't close to the nuts.

I ran over two tables for a period of an hour yesterday. One table even broke up after I smacked them around for 15 minutes straight. The 1/2 tables are gold for the person building a bankroll.

Only problem I see is the same problem you get when you go fishing. The suckouts will be brutal. One guy capped with 2 3 hearts yesterday and got lucky enough to catch a 6 high straight by the turn. Same bastard had his Hilton Sisters crack my aces. But all he managed to do was get his money back from me. Too many more times he called down with second pair.

I will not keep a sizable bankroll there, but I may continue to play at Noble for bonuses. They have just enough players where you can play 2-3 tables. The graphics may not be the best but don't worry about that. Your opponents aren't the best either. Isn't that what makes the game good?

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Bill Rini said...

Being one of those said bloggers who bashed on Noble, allow me to offer some insight :-)

Today, there fish are biting at so many sites that to reward a site for being able to spread 2 or 3 tables of extra fishy players doesn't seem that great a draw. FullTilt can get pretty fishy too and I play there off and on but it's partly because the software doesn't attempt to actively annoy me like it does at Noble.

The reality is that no matter how fishy players are that you can only boost your BB/100 by only so much. Let's say you can crush a 1/2 game for 2.5BB/100 at Party. What's your rate at an uber-fishery? 3.5BB? It's not going to be 6BB/100 or 10BB/100. I mean, no matter how bad your competition the cards will only allow you a certain upper limit. You might have short runs with those kinds of numbers but over a large enough data sample, you'll likely end up within a BB/100 that is within 1BB/100 of your normal rate on other sites.

As I said on another post about jumping from site to site chasing bonuses, it's good for the 1/2 and maybe even the 2/4 players but beyond a certain limit the bonuses are likely to be -EV if you do anything to go out of your way to chase them. For someone like me it only being able to spread X number of tables would put more of a dent in my BB/100 numbers than any bonus could compensate for.

For instance, I just signed on to take a random snapshot. They are spreading 6 $5/$10 games (the highest limit they spread is $10/$20 and they only have one table). Let's look at the how full the tables are:

Turbo Fairplex (6 max) 6/6
Pacific Dunes 0/10
Shadow Creek 0/10
St Andrews 0/10
Glen Abby (2 max) 1/2
Valderrama (6 max) 6/6

That's a whopping 13 players! Barely enough for a full game. They've got 27 1/2 players, 16 2/4 players, and 0 3/6 players.

Granted I didn't login during primetime but these numbers should be some sort of indication that your game selection would suck. For me, the down side of playing at a site like this is far greater than any bonus I could clear.